Dating my husband

There’s a blog post going viral around the internet right now.  Ok, well, there’s tons.  I usually ignore them as much as possible.

But this one caught my attention for some reason.

The post is written by a pastor about how he is married but still dating someone.  Of course, the post title is meant to get you all up in arms about how someone can act like that.  How can someone publicly announce that he/she is married but still going on dates?  Of course, you realize pretty quick (or you figure it out before you even click the link) that of course he’s talking about dating his wife.

This hit home pretty hard for me.  The hubby and I used to go on dates all the time.  He was only home on weekends- we always went out to eat or to the movies.

But that changed about 3.5 years ago when I got pregnant with my son.  Everything screeched to a halt.  We stopped going on dates, we were lucky to even sit on the couch at the same time anymore.  And that hasn’t improved in the time since.

We’re working on it though!  Two dates already this year!  Ok, one was sitting on the couch watching a movie together and the other was the two of us going to dinner with friends.  But whatever.  It was time together, no kids!  It counts!

Now just 50 more to go to fulfill item #36!  Totally doable!  🙂

07-30 (61) edited

(No, this picture wasn’t recent.   It was this summer at Glacier National Park.  Couldn’t find a recent pic of the two of us- obviously need to fix that!)


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