Check and check!

Two more items down, albeit with the same excursion.

Yesterday I took the son to a rec center to meet a new friend.

Way back in August when I was interviewing for my current position, my mom took my son to the park while I was gone all day.  There he met another little boy who was only 4 days younger than him and the same size (my son is fairly little)!  They became immediate playmates and had a great time.

Well, yesterday, they got to see each other again.  My mom was smart enough to get that mother’s phone number (well, they texted pictures to each other, which helped with the exchange).  She passed the number on to me so that I could set up a playdate for my son.

You guys, this was hard!

I am NOT a social person.  I am REALLY not a social person when I don’t know the person.  So meeting up with a complete stranger with the intention of letting our sons play, which meant I had to sit and make conversation with someone I didn’t know for a couple hours?  WAY WAY WAY outside my comfort zone.

Not that I would ever admit that or appear that way if you met me in person.  I was once accused of being able to talk to a tree.  Unfortunately fairly accurate, although whether I WANTED to talk to the tree was a different story.

However, I did it for my kid.  And you know what?  As expected, it really wasn’t that bad.  The boys got along great.  They completely tired each other out.  And we’re already making plans to get together again.

Additionally, I enjoyed talking to his mom.  Although I need to remember my Spanish as she spoke that to her son and I only understood pieces.

Afterwards we went to grab groceries and he got spoiled by a coconut macaroon!

So item #77 (have a mommy-son day) and item #91 (find a friend for son): Check and check!

We did get pictures but none of them were great and they are all on her phone, so instead, here’s my pup who is the best dog ever and who is unfortunately living in Montana right now.  It was his birthday yesterday.  Happy birthday Wazzu!

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