I’m Jenny.

I have two kids- a son born in 2011, and a daughter born in 2013.  They are my life.

My hubby is an awesome guy who for some strange reason puts up with me.  I haven’t figured that one out yet.

My home of choice is Montana, but as of last October we are located in Utah.  I chose to leave a job that I loved but where I worked crazy hours (including many middle of the nights) for a job with more reasonable hours that would allow me to be home at dinnertime and bedtime.  While I miss my old life every day, I can’t regret the extra time with my babies.

This new job has also allowed me time to start picking up hobbies again.  I wrote story after story back before the internet became a household item.   Blogs didn’t exist.  But my writing muscles have atrophied, so blogging is an easier way to break back in than trying to write an entire novel right off.

I’m a smart ass with an incredibly sarcastic sense of humor, so if you wonder if I’m joking, I guarantee I am.


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