A good day

Today was a good day.

For my last surgery of the day, I got to take an 8+ pound spleen out of a 40 pound dog.  That’s always cool.  Then I get home, and my kids are ecstatic to see me.  You can’t beat the running tackles from the toddler and the whole body bouncy smiles from the baby.  Lots of warm fuzzies.

That morphed into a (playful) screaming match between me and the son that fully entertained the daughter who giggled and giggled (which she never does).  The hubby filmed all this but you don’t get to see it as he didn’t bother to tell me that my pajama pants happened to be riding a little low in the back (which of course is the part of me facing the camera).  Just trust me that it was awesome and my kids are adorable.  Especially when they giggle.

So since I’m not sharing the video with you, I’ll leave you with this example of why I had an awesome day:

12-10 (23)

See?  Adorable.  (And for the record, I’m totally not biased…)

And now I’m off to work on one aspect of my list of 100- date night #1 with the hubby.  Which I had all of 20 minutes to plan for so we’re watching The Internship and eating caramel corn.  Cuz that’s how we roll. 🙂


The beginning…

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions.

I have never ever succeeded in a single one that I can remember. Talk about a way to feel like a failure.

But I like the idea of having goals to achieve throughout the year. I am, after all, a goal-oriented person. If I have something in mind to achieve, it usually gets done. Some more expediently than others, but whatever.

So this year I set myself a list of goals. 100 of them. Some little, some harder.

One of the things that encompasses several of those goals is to write, and have it seen! See, for all the thousands and thousands of words I’ve written since I was little, I’m a little phobic about having them read by others.

No one is going to like them. I’m going to sound stupid. Everyone is going to hate them/me.

I have issues with self-perception. I’m working to change that.

So, I’ve made a list of 100 things to achieve, several of which include writing. Hence this blog. It’s going to be my accountability partner. (Or rather, anyone who feels like reading will be.) I’m going to chronicle the goals as I achieve them (or don’t). But I’m also including another piece in this.

Part of my reason for doing goals instead of resolutions is that I struggle big-time with contentment. Contentment about my life, myself. Everything related to me. So I’m also going to make myself accountable to that.

Each day, I’m going to list why I’m contented that day. Something I did, something that happened, whatever. Only positive. By the end of this. I’m gonna have some damn sunshine shining out of my ass or die trying!

Ok, maybe that’s a little dramatic. But whatever. Wanna go for a ride on the roller coaster of my life?

As for the today’s reason why I’m content- this year is actually off to a good start.  We weren’t awake at midnight, but we were awake at 1 am thanks to the daughter.  And it was a good way to start the year.