Another item down!

Today turned out to be a pretty good day!

It started out by being able to sleep in a little bit, which was even better after a full night’s sleep (thanks hubby!).

Then a nice relaxing morning, including baby girl snuggles.


It’s been a long time since she’s fallen asleep on me other than at bedtime.  This is one of my favorite parts of having babies!  (And she’s never been as much of a snuggler as her brother was when he was little, which just makes it even better!)

The fabulous day continued when I took myself out to lunch at a coffee shop, item #60!  And ok, it was just a coffee shop, but it was a glorious 1.5 hours all to myself where I sat and worked on blog posts for my new blog.  That blog is going to be a lot of work.  So exciting!  And it was fantastic being able to sit and type without constant questions from the 2 year old or constant fending of baby girl hands off my keyboard!

2 items down, 98 to go!


Baby girl is 9 months old!

Way back when we started trying to have kids, I knew with absolutely certainty that I wanted a boy.  In fact, I wanted multiple boys.  You could sort of say I was more ambivalent about having a girl, except that I wasn’t sure it was ambivalence as much as flat-out not wanting one.

I was a total tomboy growing up.  What the hell would I do with a girl?

And you know that being a tomboy, I would end up with the frilliest girliest girl around.  No thank you.

When I was pregnant with my son, I was so convinced he was a girl that I gave myself pep talk after pep talk, to the point I was almost disappointed that he was a boy.  Then I relapsed to a total fear of having a girl the second time around.

So of course, there she was.

Today, nine months into this whole having a girl thing, I can say it’s one of the best things that ever happened to me.


Maybe it’s just that I’m much more relaxed around babies than I used to be (I had never held an infant before having my son).

But whatever the reason, I have had so much fun with her since day 1.  I love having a daughter, and I can’t wait to see the person she turns into as she grows up.

Happy 9 months, baby girl.


(And see, I’ve even learned how to dress her like a girl- mostly thanks to my friends who refused to let me dress her like a boy…) 🙂

Off to a slow start

Seven days down in 2014, and only one item off of my list.

That’s ok, I still have lots of time, and several of those items will probably go together (taking a personal day and reading for 2 hours straight?  Damn straight that’s what I’ll be doing on my day off!)

Today was a good day off but yet another uneventful day for the most part.  I finished making my monthly menu and prepping everything for the month, which took about 20 minutes or so.  Otherwise, I dealt with kids.

The daughter sprouted 3 teeth at once a couple weeks ago, and I think she’s probably already working on more.  She was up half the night (which means I was up too), and she was pretty warm today.  Of course, she only took 20 minute naps, which isn’t helping anyone.  So weird.  In every other way, she’s followed almost the exact same timeline as her brother.  But this teething thing?  She’s gonna have a whole mouthful by the time she turns 1.  He had like 4 teeth at that point.

However, even though she didn’t sleep well, at least she was happy.  And when she was sleeping?

Well, I’ve said before my kids are adorable.



(And yes, she’s sleeping on her bottle.  She fell asleep eating, and every time I tried to take it she tried to wake up.  So I left it.  She still only slept for 20 minutes.)

Why I’m choosing to disconnect

In today’s society, nearly everyone has a smart phone.  From the moment they wake up until the moment they go to bed (and even not then, sometimes), they are connected to a  huge network of people.  Anyone they’ve ever known, and many they’ve never met.  Instagram, twitter, Facebook, constant access to emails, texts, phone calls.  You name it.  I’ve seen constant mentions of this in the news as well as some research they’ve started to do on the effects of constant networking.

Saturday when we were on the train, the son got hungry so I walked down to the concessions car to get him some food.  And I kid you not, well over 50% of the people I walked by were on their phones.  Not just using the cameras to take pictures but scrolling through this website or that, completely oblivious to the scenery passing by outside the windows.

Are you kidding me?  You paid to be taken on a scenic tour in a historical train, you’re spending time with your family, and you’re missing all of it?

Yesterday, we took the kids to the children’s museum.  I was sitting with the daughter while the hubby and son played with balls and a suction machine (like the one that takes your money at the bank).  A woman was sitting behind me playing on her phone.  Her son came up to her to ask for some water.  Her response?  “Oh my goodness, you are being so obnoxious.  We came here to play but you keep coming and annoying me!”  I wish I was making that up.  I’m the first to admit that I sometimes get sucked in by my phone, but getting upset when your kid interrupts you to ask for water?  Come on.  (And before you get all over my case for being judgmental- which ok, I am- she was playing Words with Friends.  Which can be set down for 2 seconds.)

Over a month ago we switched phone plans.  I still have a fancy smart phone, but I chose a plan that costs me $10 a month in return for not being able to access the web unless I’m within range of wi-fi.  I thought this was going to be tough.  The reality is I haven’t missed being able to Facebook while running errands, or check my email 20 times a day.  The only time it has been a problem is if I’m at the store needing to look up a recipe or something.  Then I call the hubby instead.

However, even with the limited access, it has truly been hard to stop the compulsive checking for calls and texts.  I mean, seriously, I don’t need to check for texts every 20 minutes.  I’m not that popular!  (And that’s a good thing!)

So now I’m leaving my phone behind.  When I’m with my kids, I don’t have my phone on me.  They have my undivided attention.  Maybe some people are good at providing undivided attention with their phones in hand.  I am not.  And I don’t want to be one of the people so afraid of missing the latest status update that I miss witnessing the passing scenery, or seeing my kids smiles, or whatever is in front of me (just beyond the screen).

Therefore, if you send me a message or call me and I don’t respond immediately, I apologize.  I’m still around, and I will get back to you.  But not until me and the son are done with our puzzle.


Best day EVER!

When my daughter was 8 days old, she decided to quit nursing.  Completely.  I was caught totally off guard.

A few months before she was born, the woman who had been my lactation consultant when I was in the hospital with my son told me that no two nursing relationships were the same.  Just because my son and I had enjoyed 13 months of nursing with no trouble didn’t mean I would have the same success with her.

Cue eye rolling.  Whatever.  My son loved to nurse, of course my daughter would just latch right on!

Well, she did.  She latched right on, gained weight like she was supposed to, then when she was 5 days old we were up all night with me trying and trying to feed her and her acting like nursing was the worst thing ever.  By the time she was 8 days old, she refused entirely.  I never figured it out.  Was I choking her?  Did she have some sort of hidden tongue tie?  No idea.

I fought for several weeks with nipple shields, and was actually starting to make progress when I went back to work.  Then I had to make the choice between continuing to nurse (which, let’s face it, wasn’t particularly fun for either of us and took HOURS of work) or spending time with my son.

So for the last almost 9 months, I have been strapped to the damn breast pump.  The bane of my existence.  Amazing how much more I hate this thing when I’m stuck exclusively to it.  It actually makes me miss nursing.

But today.  Oh yes, today.

Today, I decided to organize my stash of frozen milk that was all in a disarray since we moved.  (I hauled an entire freezer-full from Montana to Utah!  And in this tiny rental, I chose my freezer over having a dryer!)  The dates were all mixed up so now that we’re slowly starting to use some (my supply is dropping as my motivation drops), I needed to get the oldest stuff moved to the front.

So I organized.  And I counted.

And I have 475 bags of frozen milk.  That’s right, I have 2,850 ounces sitting in my freezer right now.

My daughter will be one year old in 95 days.  Which means that if we do the math, I can use 30 oz of that frozen stash a day and not run out before her birthday.

She’s only drinking 30 ounces a day total right now.


If I’m looking for reasons to be content with my life right now, the fact that I am now only strapped to that pump as much as I want (which will translate into a couple times a day or so, instead of the 5 or 6 times- including middle of the night- that it was)- this is at the top of the list!


Isn’t it beautiful?  🙂

A good day

Today was a good day.

For my last surgery of the day, I got to take an 8+ pound spleen out of a 40 pound dog.  That’s always cool.  Then I get home, and my kids are ecstatic to see me.  You can’t beat the running tackles from the toddler and the whole body bouncy smiles from the baby.  Lots of warm fuzzies.

That morphed into a (playful) screaming match between me and the son that fully entertained the daughter who giggled and giggled (which she never does).  The hubby filmed all this but you don’t get to see it as he didn’t bother to tell me that my pajama pants happened to be riding a little low in the back (which of course is the part of me facing the camera).  Just trust me that it was awesome and my kids are adorable.  Especially when they giggle.

So since I’m not sharing the video with you, I’ll leave you with this example of why I had an awesome day:

12-10 (23)

See?  Adorable.  (And for the record, I’m totally not biased…)

And now I’m off to work on one aspect of my list of 100- date night #1 with the hubby.  Which I had all of 20 minutes to plan for so we’re watching The Internship and eating caramel corn.  Cuz that’s how we roll. 🙂