Making my dreams come true

When I was around 8 years old, I decided I wanted to be a veterinarian.  That dream stuck with me for the majority of my childhood, and is the dream I spent the last decade or more pursuing.  But it wasn’t my only dream.

I also wanted to be an author.  I wrote story after story.  I have thousands and thousands of words telling the tales from my childhood imagination.  I wanted to write the book that would change the world.  Maybe be the next JK Rowling (or Carolyn Keene, or John Grisham, depending on when you asked).

I continued to write when I got into college, where I started out as (and quickly quit being) an English major.  As my college career progressed, I started working 30-35 hours per week and I joined a sorority, filling my spare time with all the associated sorority functions.  My time to write quickly diminished and became a lower priority.  During vet school, I don’t think I typed a single word of fiction, and non-fiction involved writing papers for classes.  Since I graduated, my days have been filled with long hours at work, pregnancies and newborns, and general adult projects (house remodels, etc).  So while I’ve played here and there, I haven’t written much of anything in the last 5 years either.

Well, as of today, that’s officially changing.

I’m already impressed that I have as many blog posts here as I do.  This is actual stick-to-it-ness for me!  (And yes, I realize we’re only 8 days into the year.  I still maintain that this is a great start!)

But today I committed myself further.  I bought a domain for the blog/website I’ve been pondering for awhile.  Hopefully soon, will be ready to go public, and I can actually start blogging about something that I have a passion for, something that might actually be of some use to people.

Not that I don’t love blogging on a site like this, and I intend to continue.  But when I included writing on my list of 100 things, this blog wasn’t really what I had in mind.  I was already picturing the new blog.  The Primal Pet will be an actual project.  Like something that might actually help people, rather than just entertain them.

I’m soooooo excited for this.  I have to get it a little more put together before I make it public, but I signed up for a 3 year contract.  So it’s real, it’s gonna happen, and I can’t wait.

I’m turning myself into a real author after all!  Maybe not in the way I always dreamed when I was little, but since blogs didn’t exist back then (cue age jokes…), I can hardly be blamed for that.

Long story short, I’m making my dreams come true.  Only in ways I never imagined, which just makes it that much more exciting.